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Freshman in Long-Distance Relationship Excited to Hear What Girlfriend 'Really Needs to Talk to Him About' Over Thanksgiving Break


Photo by Dvortygirl / CC BY-SA 2.0

After his weekly Thursday night Skype chat with his high school sweetheart, Robert Jones (W '22) turned to his roommate, joy nearly palpable, and proclaimed his excitement for Thanksgiving break.

“My girlfriend,” Jones confided, “really needs to talk to me about something. I love hearing what she has to say!”

According to Jones, the two lovebirds met in their junior year English class, and began dating soon after. She is currently attending her freshman year at UCSB, where she studies Communications

Jones reports that while the time zone difference is “definitely tough,” they manage to keep the spark alive through weekly conference calls and tagging each other in Facebook posts. 

“Sometimes we might miss a week or two, since her classes are really picking up. But it’s totally fine: I’ll just have more to talk to her about when we see each other next weekend!”