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Student Voter Turnout at Record Low After Postmates Discontinues Ballot Delivery


Photos (with edits) by Hshook / CC BY-SA 4.0; Postmates / CC BY-SA 4.0

Voter turnout rates for Penn students took a dive this Election Day after the discontinuation of Postmates’ popular ballot delivery service, angering many who expected significant support from millennials during the midterms.

The service would pick up and drop off ballots for students for only $9.99, traveling distances as far as 0.2 miles (the furthest any student is from a polling location). A Postmates representative stated that they cancelled the service after learning about its illegality. 

“Apparently we can hire literally anyone to deliver food to your home address without so much as a background check, but we can’t deliver ballots,” they said.

Students expressed frustration that they were unable to vote after the change. “I have been stripped of my rights, plain and simple,” said College junior Richard Park. “I walk five minutes to class every day, and now I have to walk another five to save this country from plunging into an unrecoverable downward spiral of xenophobia and hatred? I’m not Superman.”

Postmates competitor Grubhub continued to offer ballot delivery, but only half of all ballots were picked up and zero reached the correct state.