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Student MERTed From Pottruck After Too-Strenuous Walk Up to Second Floor


Photo by istolethetv / CC 2.0

Responding to an emergency call from Pottruck facility staff around 9:30PM last night, Penn MERT arrived on scene to find Jason Martin (SEAS ’19) sprawled on the ground on the second floor by the stairs, clutching his chest and his right leg and breathing erratically.

“It all happened so slowly,” one eyewitness said. “He ascended the stairs one at a time, taking a second or two every couple steps to crouch over and recover. By the time he got to the top, he just keeled over.”

Another eyewitness reported that Martin had waved her off after she asked about his well-being. “He looked like he was going to throw up, but he was holding two thumbs up. So I left,” she said.

UTB caught up with Martin as he was wheeled down Walnut St.  

“Just walking through the gym doors has been a PR, so I’m satisfied,” he said, between puffs of oxygen.