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Freshman Realizing Signing Year-Long Lease with Essential Strangers Might Have Been a Bit Hasty


Photo by SolGar / CC0

Realizing he could only name three of his five future roommates and could pick even fewer out of a crowd, College freshman Howard Rodriguez began to wonder if signing a year-long lease with essential strangers had been a bit hasty.

“There was a lot of pressure to sign the lease before November,” Rodriguez said. “They told us that if we didn’t sign right then, we’d be homeless and starving come next Fall. They’re adults so I believed them.”

Rodriguez plans to live with a friend from his hall, a guy he met in math recitation, two ghosts, and an exchange student he met online who goes only by “Richard.” 

“It’s an eclectic group,” he said. “I hope I learn some more details about them eventually.”

While his living situation could end up messy, Rodriguez confirmed that the possibility of living with five sociopaths was still better than the high rises.