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Real-Life Sophie's Choice: Kristen Can't Choose Between Offers at Bain and McKinsey


Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis / CC BY 2.0 

Recruiting is rarely kind to anyone. Many students find themselves demoralized and often physically exhausted from the brutal process of on-campus interviews. For Kristen Smith (C '19) however, the situation is more dire than ever.

Special reports indicate that this poor, unfortunate student has been put in the devastating situation of choosing between two offers—one from McKinsey, and the other from Bain. With only two weeks left to make this choice, the clock is ticking for Kristen and her two beloved job offers.

"You ever seen that movie Sophie's Choice? It's like that, but worse, you know? Because I love both companies more than I'd love my own children. Who needs kids when you have a steady six-figure income?"

It is undeniable that the pre-med student-turned philosophy major-turned consultant has one of the most important decisions in front of her. Unfortunately, she's been unable to utilize the same decisive skill set she harnessed in her case interviews to make this essential decision. 

"What's the market size? The customer conversion rate? The profit margins! AGH—I'm not prepared for this!" exclaimed the frazzled senior. "I can't believe they're making me do this. It's just not fair!"