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Heartbreaking: This Sophomore Only Knows What Day of the Week it is Because of 'The Daily'


Photo by Max Pixel / CC0

For College sophomore Sofie Perez, every day is a waking temporal nightmare.

If it weren't for the New York Times' hit weekday podcast "The Daily," she would simply have no idea what day of the week it is. "When I wake up each morning, I am hit with a wave of terror," Perez told UTB. "From the time I wake until the time I hear Michael Barbaro's smooth, knowing voice describe, in incredible detail, what day it is, I am simply racked with the fear of the unknown."

Weekends present a unique challenge, as there are no Saturday or Sunday episodes of the podcast. Perez has to wait out the uncertainty until Monday. "Is it Saturday? Is it Sunday? There's no real way for me to tell," she lamented.

It's not all bad, though. Perez does enjoy wielding the fact that she listens to every episode of "The Daily" over her friends. In the past, has made a point of referencing an episode of "The Daily" in every lecture and recitation of every class she has ever been enrolled in. 

However, over time, her interest as a listener has waned. She has recently begun to start the podcast, listen until Michael Barbaro lifts his mighty head to the heavens and lets out a great roar, declaiming the day and date, and just turn it off.

"I just gotta get my fix, man," she admitted to UTB before slipping in her AirPods and ending our interview.