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Meal Prep God! Girl Puts 7 Water Bottles in the Fridge


Photo by W.Carter / CC BY-SA 4.0

Ashley Banks (C ‘20) really wants to save money this semester. After blowing her discretionary income on succulents over the summer, she’s looking for new ways to cut down on expenses.

Her solution? Meal prep. 

But cooking takes time, and Banks is a busy woman. 

“You’ve gotta adapt,” she noted to our reporter. “Sure, all the online guides say to make seven meals of lasagna at a time or something like that, but thats a lot of work. And pasta costs money!”

Leading our reporter over to her fridge, she opened it with all the pride of a Michelin-star chef. 

“So I do the next best thing,” she continued, “and I just stock up on water bottles. One for each day, see?”

“Man,” she sighed, “If only Fiji Water weren’t so expensive.”