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Penn Bookstore Introduces Wharton-Branded, 25lb. Frozen Turkey


Graphic by Sophie Trotto / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos by Jim, the Photographer / CC BY 2.0, The Wharton School / Fair Use

As a part of a special promotion for the Thanksgiving holiday, the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore has unveiled its new Wharton-branded, 25 lb. frozen turkey. 

In a statement, the Bookstore’s Director of Sales, Mark Flee, said “Of all of our products, from our Wharton-branded umbrellas to our Wharton-branded chocolate bars, we’re most excited to bring you and your family our new 25-pound frozen turkey that proudly wears the Wharton logo on its cold, dead skin.” 

According to the website, these turkeys, sourced from MeatCorp Turkey-Systems, are allowed to live to the ripe old age of 20 weeks before they are slaughtered, de-feathered, and frozen en-masse, ready to be served to hungry, affluent families across the tri-state area.  

As Flee said “We took two things that were pretty much the same: being a total turkey and being in Wharton, and just combined them. That’s synergy, right?”