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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Fuck Jeff From Writing Sem?


Photo from Pexels / CC0

You saunter over to Jeff, and as you walk over your heart starts hammering in your chest. What are you doing? How can you possibly expect to flirt with a human Adonis? You need more alcohol NOW dammit but it’s too late. You’ve made contact. 

Face to face with the most gorgeous man alive, you squeak out a nervous, “Hey.” In response, Jeff lets loose a sexy belch inches in front of your face. You bite your lip in ecstasy — he’s such a gentleman. He leans in over your shoulder and whispers in your eye, “Wanna fuck?” God, you think, he’s such a romantic.

You go back to your single, Jeff in tow. Jeff proceeds to make passionate love to you with reckless abandon. After having the most magical three minutes of your life, Jeff rolls off of you and heads for the door. Although your time together was short, you’ll cherish him always.

Congratulations, you fucked Jeff from Writing Sem!

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