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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Fuck Jeff From Writing Sem?


Photo by JoeInQueens / CC BY 2.0

It’s 3 a.m. at this point and the party is starting to die down. With Mindy still against the wall with her mans, you decide to get a light drink before snatching her and hitting the road. “Triple vodka shot with orange juice,” you tell the brother manning the bar, proud of yourself for making sure that your body gets enough Vitamin C. Your hands touch as he hands you your drink, and as you look up into his gorgeous, bloodshot eyes, sparks fly. “Jeff?” you ask. “From Writing Sem?” 

He winks at you, and snatches the drink back, pouring it on the floor. Leaning over the counter, he whispers seductively in your ear, “I’ll be the only drug that you’ll need tonight bb.” Succumbing to his charms, you let Jeff lead you upstairs to his bedroom, where he lies down on his bed and pats the space next to him. You lie down ready to get freaky, but Jeff is already asleep. Miffed, you fall asleep too, and finally get that nap you've been waiting for.

There might be opportunity tomorrow morning, though.

Congratulations, you (almost) fucked Jeff from Writing Sem!

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