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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Fuck Jeff From Writing Sem?


Photo from Max Pixel / CC0

It’s been three hours, and after quintuple texting Will M., it seems like you won’t get lucky tonight after all. That’s okay, though. You’re a strong, independent individual and you don’t need no man. You go and sit outside your building in the cold night air, and it seems that even the squirrels are having a better night than you (they are).

A gaggle of drunken college students wander past, stumbling over themselves. The guy bringing up the back looks familiar to you, when suddenly you realize that it’s Jeff from Writing Sem. Exhausted from the exertion of walking, Jeff collapses next to you on the stoop. He rests his head on your shoulder, and suddenly you think that you very much need a man tonight. 

Jeff doesn't let go of you as you drag him upstairs to your room. As you pull him through the door, he pulls away from you and lunges towards the sink, yakking all over it. Only Jeff could look so beautiful disgorging the entire contents of his stomach. When he's done, he wipes his mouth and stumbles towards to you, grabbing both shoulders. "Wanna fuck now?" he asks, a speck of vomit at the corner of his smiling lips. 

You sigh, wiping the vomit away with your thumb. If the only chance you're gonna get to fuck Jeff is right after he yakked, well, you're gonna take it. A little vomit never hurt anyone, right? ...Right?

Congratulations, you fucked Jeff from Writing Sem!

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