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Choose Your Own Adventure: Will You Fuck Jeff From Writing Sem?

Photo by Luke Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Braving the cold nighttime air, you bundle up in your favorite Canada Goose jacket and start for the long, lonely trek to your nearest local Wawa. You order the Mac & Cheese cause that shit slaps. You duck and dive through the hordes of drunk college students to make it to the register. The person in front of you finishes paying and turns around. Surprise! It’s Jeff, and he’s ravenous for a turkey and cheese hoagie with a side of your booty. He winks at you, and you melt like the cheese sandwiched between a warm Wawa panini. 

Not a second after the door of your apartment closes behind the two of you, Jeff smacks his lips against yours. He has a voracious appetite this evening, and you're the only meal big enough to satisfy his cravings. 

The next morning, your hair is flying in all directions from Jeff's feverish love-making. Jeff is long gone, but you discover a note lying next to you. It reads, "Till next time bb — Jeff."

Congratulations, you fucked Jeff from Writing Sem!

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