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Entire Class Turns on TA After Professor Mistakenly Leaves During Exam


Photo by nikolayhg / CC0

DRL Lecture Hall A3 recently went from learning-field to battlefield. As a midterm for Astronomy 533 was well underway, Professor Henry Glack made the critical mistake of leaving the room in the middle of the exam. 

Students saw this as their opportunity to express their frustration over the unfair exam they were being given. Many reached in their backpacks to glaze their faces with the colors of war paint, and set their sights on their unsuspecting TA. College senior Jennifer Harness uttered the first battle declaration 

“George! I thought you were our friend,” she shouted while removing her sword from its covering.

George the TA stood by the difficulty of the exam. He expressed that some members of the class could have studied more, such as the student who asked why they had to know about Mickey’s dog, Pluto.  

The war cries began to subside as Professor Glack returned to the room, but not before one student screamed, “I’m gonna kick Uranus!”