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Wildly Creative Student to Caption New Year’s Insta With '2018: thank u, next'


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

College senior Andrew Caplan is ready to say hello to 2019 and never look back.

"Look, 2018 was objectively kind of a shit year. In no particular order: I didn't get a return offer. Our country is falling apart. I had to take my physical world sector. My girlfriend and I very mutually broke up. And, furthermore, I still don't have a full-time job."

This New Year's Eve, Caplan is mildly excited to hang out with some high school friends he isn't super close with anymore. But more importantly, he's anxiously preparing to post to Instagram at 12:01 a.m., with an inspired, close-to-the-heart caption.

"I like Ariana Grande's music — you might even call me a 'stan,'" the senior explained. "The Insta caption came to me in a dream: '2018: thank u, next.'"

Our reporter gasped in shock at the brilliance of this caption, spilling iced coffee with almond milk all over their shirt. What a perfect way to capture both the terribleness of this past year and the amazingness of both Ariana Grande and her hit single, "thank u, next" (even if you lowkey hate all of your exes).

"You can't steal it," Caplan heartbreakingly remarked, "I already have it trademarked."