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Fashion Win! This Brave Formal Date Wore A Gray T-Shirt Instead Of A Suit


Photo from Pexels / CC0

Sometimes, it pays to take a risk.

When Noah Levinson was asked to his current hookup’s sorority date night, he was nervous. Having deftly avoided labeling the tenuous, nebulous relationship for close to six months, he feared that accepting the invitation would make it a "thing."

But, after discovering that two of his friends were also going, and eager to experience a two-hour open bar, Levinson agreed to attend.

Now get ready to be amazed.

Most male dates wore a suit or sportcoat to the date night, as is customary for such an event. Levinson, intent upon showing as little commitment and effort as possible, wore a gray T-shirt and jeans.

People were understandably floored. Nobody had shown that sort of sartorial bravery at a date night since last week, when Kyle Goldberg wore a backwards hat. 

When pressed for comment, Levinson explained his daring choice. “It’s actually a pretty nice shirt,” Levinson said. “It’s Lacoste. It’s a very expensive shirt.”

Levinson also noted his careful attention to accessories. “I wore my Off-Whites, too,” he said. “I look cool.”

Shortly after, Levinson ran off to sing "Mo Bamba" with his friends on the dance floor, cutting the interview short.

His date was crying in the bathroom.