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Golden Goose Introduces One for One Program: One Pair of Shoes for a One Percent Tax Break for the Wealthy

Credit: Natalia Joseph

Popularized by TOMS shoes, one for one programs are advertisement and charity rolled into one. Golden Goose, a brand for the people, has decided to join the ranks of TOMS and many other altruistic companies. 

In a press statement, CEO Giorgio Presca announced “Golden Goose Deluxe Brand wants to help you make a difference,” so for every pair of GG shoes someone buys, the company will ensure a one percent tax break for the wealthy.

“We know the issues that our customer base cares about,” Presca continued. “That’s why we finally settled on the tax break as our charitable cause.”

Penn Golden Goose wearers were ecstatic about the announcement. “This move might just be the push that gets Penn a Golden Goose Deluxe Brand store on campus,” Lucy Caters (C ‘20, E '20) shared with UTB. “If only GG did this before the Lulu showed up.”

So, expect to see even more of these pre-worn sneakers around campus, and when you do, know that the wearer gave back.