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Shocking: Degrees in the Humanities Have Plummeted in the Past Decade as Desire for Money Skyrockets


Photo by Annie Luo / The Daily Pennsylvanian

It was recently reported that more and more Penn students are choosing majors rooted in the natural sciences as fewer are selecting ones based in the humanities. 

Although many professors are confident this is only temporary, the change has already affected many aspects of the University and is expected to have larger consequences. The old book and tweed jacket industries have begun to see downward trends. 

The already smaller humanities based majors have been hit the hardest, with some seeing graduation rate decreases of 50% or higher. For example, in 2014, Visual Studies had 3 majors graduate, yet only saw -2 graduates in 2018. 

Some of the factors reported by students contributing to the change include the desire to not live with their parents passed the age of forty or live in a cardboard box at any point in life. 

However, some students are not surprised the recent trends and believe they didn’t come soon enough. Applied Physicbioemistry Sci major Matt Surplus asked, “Who cares about humanities? We’re all humans, don’t we know enough about ourselves? And history already happened, so like, why worry about the past right?”