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Breaking: Sarah Doesn't Know Anyone At This Formal Except For Her Date (But Just Barely)


Photo By Gelver Redfield / CC0

“Yo, I gotta take a pledge class pic real quick. I’ll be back in a minute." With these words, College sophomore Sarah Bergen found herself completely alone. 

When Bergen was first asked to come to this fraternity formal, she was admittedly ambivalent. Three days ago, Nursing junior Zack Brenner dm’d her on Instagram with a romantic, “Hey I know this is kind of random, but would u want to come to formal with me?” The two had never met, but one of Bergen’s friends insisted that Brenner was a “pretty ok guy.” Feeling up for an adventure, Bergen accepted the invitation, despite not knowing Brenner and having three finals in the coming two days

When Bergen arrived at the pregame, which turned out to just be a keg kill for the brothers, she started to realize what type of night she was in for. Over the course of the night, no matter how drunk she got, Sarah couldn’t escape the truth: she didn’t know a single person at this formal. It seems statistically impossible. She knew she didn’t have much hope with the guys, but she didn’t recognize a single date either. She swore she has seen the photographer before, but after multiple attempts to talk it became clear he wasn't going to hang out with her. She did get some nice solo shots, though. 

Finally, across the dance floor, Bergen spotted her. Sally? Samantha? Sinbad? she couldn’t remember her name, but Bergen knew they were in the same poli sci recitation, and that’s good enough. Desperate for any interaction, Bergen dashed through the crowd, frantically pushing bodies aside. When she looked back up, however, she saw the girl sticking her tongue down Brenner’s throat. Classic Sinbad.