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Student Getting Spooned in Van Pelt Turnstile Experiencing First Human Touch in Weeks

Photo by Julio Sosa / The Daily Pennsylvanian

At 3:38PM on Tuesday, December 11th, 2018, Engineering junior Jonathan Samuelson experienced his first gentle human touch in weeks in an unlikely place: Van Pelt Library.

Caught between a turnstile refusing to read his PennCard and the continuous shuffling of students in the midst of finals, Samuelson found himself briefly — but blissfully — pressed up against the softness of the Canada Goose jacket worn by the second person in line. 

“He placed his hand against my upper back and apologized to me,” Samuelson recounted. “There was absolutely a spark between us — possibly static electricity from his coat, but regardless. I nearly wept.”

But the moment passed nearly as quickly as it had come. Samuelson had only an instant to nestle into the plush, unfamiliar sensation of physical contact before the turnstile finally registered his card and begun to turn, admitting him into the library. 

“This experience has meant so much to me,” Samuelson said. “Never had I expected to find comfort in a place usually so barren. I will cherish it all my life.”