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Student Walking To Train Station Notes Drexel ‘Actually Kinda Nice’


Photo by Daderot / Public Domain

As Jocelyn Zhao (W ’21) walked to 30th Street Station to catch a train Monday afternoon, she was struck by the observation that Drexel University’s campus is “actually kinda nice.”

“Honestly, Drexel’s not that bad,” Zhao said.  

Noting the ample greenspace, mix of architectural styles, and abundance of inviting eateries, Zhao remarked that Drexel seems to be a reasonably enjoyable college to attend. 

Zhao had previously never visited the campus. “I thought that area was like a garbage dump or something,” she admitted. 

Zhao was eager to make a return trip.

"I really do like what they did with the place," she said. "It was very smart of them to put a college right near that Shake Shack.”