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Look at Her Go! This Wharton Freshman Is Taking Five Credits Next Semester


Photo by grenny / CC0

Wharton freshman Rebecca Wintman has decided to take the leap and sign up for five classes next semester, up from the four and a half she is completing now.  

Wintman feels that people tend to put her in a box: they assume she will not take an intense workload due to her calm personality. However, when she was registering for classes this semester, she decided to break that mold.  

“I just really went for it, you know? I’m smart, strong, and competent — I can handle this and whatever else Wharton might throw at me. Being in Wharton can be difficult, but I'm a proud businesswoman, and by taking five credits, I'll soon be at the very top of the food chain here at Penn.”

Rebecca declined to comment on her abysmal first semester GPA, which is low enough to bar her from entry into most extracurricular activities. She also declined to comment on her permanent record, which lists five individual assault charges, all against members of MERT who were trying to assist her.  

“I’m super proud of myself and all that I can accomplish, and know that taking five classes next semester is the first step of many in my rise to an illustrious career in business.”