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Woman in Bodysuit Taking Dump Fully Naked in Handicap Stall


Photo by mel_p66 / CC BY 2.0

After deciding to wear her new lavender bodysuit she purchased from Urban Outfitters on Black Friday, Rebecca Cartwright (W ‘20) was left to make her usual afternoon coffee-induced defecation fully in the nude while her jeans and bodysuit rested far too close to the stall floor for any sane person’s comfort. 

The undressing process was arduous, as Cartwright had to remove the one-size-too-small full-body spanx of a shirt — her skinny jeans tightly clinging her thighs — while maintaining a steady squat a foot above the toilet seat. 

Although Cartwright reportedly felt cute walking into the restroom, she also reported she felt much less cute squatting on the pot, tummy out, reflecting on the fact that she was indeed a 22-year-old woman clad in clothing designed for babies.

It was confirmed that the perks of using the handicap stall were completely negated by Cartwright's experience navigating the bodysuit.