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Penn Meteorologists Declare "As Fuck" New Unit of Measurement


Photo by Avalon Morell / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Philly winters can be tough, especially for those who haven’t experienced frigid temperatures before. To help students who have no concept of the difference between 30 degrees and 10 degrees, Penn meteorologists have created a new scientific unit of measurement for any temperature falling below 30 degrees — "As Fuck."

“Finally someone gets it,” said Jenai Prescott (C '22), a California native. “In California, we have 'hot AF.' I imagine this will be something similar.”Engineering sophomore Ronaldo Wilson said “I’m from Philly. I’m used to the weather, but I like the AF system because it makes thermo questions a whole lot easier to answer.” 

Inspired by the previously established metrics “ShitLoad” and “FuckTon,” Penn meteorologists hope their new creation will find its place in the greater scientific community. "We're optimistic — As Fuck."