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Penn InTouch to Hire When2meet as Consultants in Redesign Process


Graphic by Natalia Joseph / Daily Pennsylvanian

Rejoice! Our long electronic nightmare is over. After years of anticipation, University officials were proud to announce that When2meet would be taking over the redesign process of Penn InTouch.

“We recognize that Penn InTouch has been a little outdated ever since its inception, so we are turning it over to the experts that really pioneered website design,” said one University spokesman. "The green and the pink of the availability chart just complement each other so well, and we want to bring this award-winning design to Penn InTouch."

Penn students just love to use When2meet for some reason that literally no one on campus can explain. Filling out which hours you are available only to realize that you inverted it and actually said you were available 11 PM on a Friday is just so enjoyable, right? 

"I personally like to draw little smiley faces with my availability because its not like a single person actually considers my availability when trying to go to restaurant week," said college Junior Wade Murphy.

University officials aim to roll out the new Penn InTouch just in time for the class of 2045.