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Architecture Major Disappointed She Doesn't Feel Like Ted Mosby Yet


Graphic by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian; Photos by CollegeDegrees360 / CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia / Public Domain, PublicDomainPictures / CC0, Quentin Meulepas / CC BY 2.0

Everyone has a hero. Victoria Rivers was so inspired when Ted Mosby became the youngest person to ever design a skyscraper in NYC that she declared her major right after the episode aired.

After enrolling at Penn, Rivers believed she was destined to do the same in Philadelphia, taking strides to replicate, and really embody, Ted Mosby. She stopped going out to bars because she’s "too old for that stuff," bought tickets to Robots vs. Wrestlers, and even planned a two-minute date to accommodate a busy class schedule. 

There have been some roadblocks along the way, however. When Rivers found a pineapple in her bed after a long night, she solved the mystery right away. Many of the sandwiches she’s eaten have indeed been sandwiches, and she knows how to properly pronounce the word Encyclopedia.

“I can’t give up! Ted never gave up!" said Rivers as she laced up her red cowboy boots

However, Rivers may finally be moving in a different direction. As of last week she had given up on architecture, realizing that maybe Ted Mosby isn't the best icon. When asked about her new major, all Rivers could say was “please…”