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Wow! This Student Spent the Entire Class Period Choosing Between Two Pairs of Shoes and Made No Final Decision


Photo by SMU Law / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Cathy Zhang’s (C ’20) time management skills are unbeatable. Despite claims that she has “no time” to do the dishes, clean her room, or make plans with friends, she found an entire hour in her schedule to browse through four websites for shoes during class. 

Zhang seems like any other student, vigorously taking notes on her laptop, but a closer look would show her zooming in on a new pair of heels. “I need shoes for any occasion: formal, date night, date, or just a night,” Zhang said. “I try to cross-analyze multiple websites, but 50 minutes only allows for three or four browsing sessions.” 

Though some may find Zhang's use of time wasteful, she only allots 47 of the 50 minutes to shop. “I understand the need to actually pay attention in case my professor cold calls me,” she said.

In those 47 minutes, Zhang is usually able to narrow down her search to two shoes. Last class, however, she had made no decision by 1:50, and had to shop during the class period she typically uses to answer all her emails.