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BREAKING: Your Roommate Just Posted a Picture of Your Dirty Dishes in the Group Chat


Photo by Max Pixel / CC0

Hey, guys. I don’t want to disrupt anyone, but it’s time to drop what you’re doing and clean up your fucking mess.

Did that get your attention? It better have. Your putrid dishes have been in the sink for approximately an hour now, and some of us plan on cooking dinner in there sometime in the next few days. Do you think flies won’t find your food scraps just because they’re left in the sink? They will. You might as well have just brought a colony of fly larvae into our house to raise as pets. It is essentially equivalent in every way.

How do you expect anyone else to use the kitchen in this state? I’d like to respectfully remind you that six other people live in this house, you negligent and self-centered piece of crap. That’s five people who may never eat again because you “have an assignment due at midnight and will get to it later.”

Remember: next time you think of letting your dishes soak for a couple hours, I’ll be here, and I will fill the group chat with photos of the mess from every angle imaginable. Stay on your toes.