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Average SAT Admit Score Jumps to 3750 Following Announcement of Fact Checking Policy


 Photo from the Office of Admissions 

Watch out upperclassmen, because the incoming batch of freshman is set to give you all a run for your money. 

You might have thought your 1550 on the SAT made you special. 

Well, guess what. According to the Department of Admissions, the average SAT score for Class of 2023 admits is a whopping 3750.

This impressive figure surely comes as a relief to the Admissions department after they embarrassingly disclosed that they’re unable to fact-check most applications.

We reached out to one of these wunderkinds to figure out their secret.

“I’m super proud of my 1600,” exclaimed a recent admit who wished to remain anonymous. When we asked her why she was so excited in light of the much higher average of her peers. She laughed.

“Oh, that was my ACT.”