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Herd Is the Word: How One Junior’s Ranching Club Is Shaking up Campus


Photo by skeeze / CC0

It's well known that Penn is full of city slickers and folk from the North East, making it easy to forget that the school is home to people of a wide variety of backgrounds. If you're part of the majority, you'll have no trouble finding your niche at the school, whether that be in a Wharton club, a performing arts group, or The Walk.

Adam Sherif (C '20), a native Nebraskan and proud farm kid, decided that there ought to be more options for students like himself. 

"As soon as I arrived at Penn, I noticed a disturbing lack of cattle," Sherif shared. "How could the university operate without some kind of financial backing?"

Ranching generates $12.1 billion for Nebraska's Economy, slightly less than the value of the University's $13.8 billion endowment. If Penn could just acquire and maintain a large herd of cattle, think about what that could do for that fund. 

With University backing, Sherif plans to get this ranching club started — the only problem is that there is no green space left for the herd.