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Without a Super Bowl Parade, Students Are Just Taking Wednesday Off


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

No Super Bowl? No problem. Meet the innovative students who plan to straight up skip classes on Wednesday. 

“Its been an exhausting semester, and I really need a day to myself” said one College junior with no classes on Friday. “Martin Luther King Day just didn’t do the trick for me.”

“The parade this year was a little lack luster,” said Wharton sophomore Anna Chavez, who was apparently unaware that this was not a yearly tradition. “I didn’t see a single player, and the level of drunkenness was way lower. I don’t see why they canceled school for this.”

Sylvia Holland (E '22) was reportedly just desperate for any excuse to skip her writing seminar and stumbled on this brilliant plan. Under The Button wishes her and all students out there the best of luck.