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Philanthropy Win! This Frat Just Donated the Jacket You Lost at their Party to Charity


Photo from LibreShot / CC0

Where's that jacket you lost Saturday night? It’s been found! The even better news? The frat you left it at has graciously donated it to charity — no questions asked!

That’s right, that sweet new body-bag you just got for Christmas was tossed into a HeavyDuty trash bag, driven out to the Main Line, and put in a donation bin. Try getting it now!

Guess who’s putting public service work on their resume? You sure aren’t. But what about the pledge who had to scrub Four Loko and vomit off of the dance floor? Well, let's just say we smell a Macarthur on the horizon. 

What? Winter season getting a little cold? Well, I don’t know about jackets, but I'm a campus rep for this new new fingerless glove brand, so you should definitely check it out.