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In Photos: Expanded Green Spaces on Campus (Thanks Amy!)

Credit: Alessandro Consuelos

High Rise Field? Don't know her.

The construction of New College House West, the best and newest new college house in all of west campus, has sparked consistent outrage for "destroying what little green space we have left" and "uprooting community resources." 


New behind the scenes pics from UTB reveal quite the opposite. President Amy Gutmann and her administration have been more than good on her promise that the construction on High Rise Field would create a "net addition of green space" (a real quote) on campus. Take a look for yourself!


Don't be fooled by the men in neon green vests, they're not the green space! They haven't expanded it just yet. Not only are they building the foundation for a great new dorm, they're building the foundation for some new green spaces where old, shitty green spaces used to be.


You want a closer look? We got you. UTB was told by construction officials that they have begun the search for new green spaces! That excavator is digging away, searching for that sweet, sweet green that lies just beneath High Rise Field.


Even more excavation equipment has arrived on the scene. If they can't find those new green spaces, we don't know who can!

Please note that the grass in the foreground is to be destroyed immediately in our pursuit of true green greatness.