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Seems Legit: Ja Rule Funding New College House West Construction


Photo by Eduardo Santos / CC BY 2.0

A year and a half after the spectacular crash and burn of his joint venture, Fyre Festival, with Billy McFarland, rapper Ja Rule has come forward as the primary donor behind Penn's New College House West.

Construction of the new dorm, which will sit at the corner of 40th and Locust Streets, will be the most expensive yet at an estimated $163 million. After the University announced its plan to erect the building in 2017, Ja Rule quickly stepped up and offered to fund the bulk of the costs.

But now with High Rise Field reduced to a gaping hole, University officials are beginning to have doubts about how — or whether — the project will come to fruition under Ja Rule's supervision. Several sources close to Facilities and Real Estate Services reported that Ja Rule assured architects and builders earlier this week via a screenshot of the Notes app in an email that "this building is NOT A SCAM as everyone is reporting ... I'm taking full responsibility for the empty pit and promise this dorm is gonna be amazing." 

"I have to be honest, we haven't seen a cent yet," admitted a FRES worker speaking on condition of anonymity. Although Ja Rule promised to pay the employees for their labor months ago, "there's a rumor going around the office that we're going to have to suck somebody's dick to get our paycheck."

Despite his detractors, Ja Rule maintains that construction is right on schedule. The rapper declined to comment directly on the matter, referring UTB reporters instead to check out his new NCHW room-booking app.