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Fraternity Earns Record High Yield After Taking Rushes to the Penn Museum


Photo (with edits by Jonah Weinbaum) from vpul.upenn.edu

Penn’s Beta Alpha Theta fraternity has been the hot topic among campus fraternities after 92% of their rushes accepted bids, up from 23% last year. 

This meteoric rise, president William Rice said, can be traced back to one event that was hiding in plain sight: taking rushes to the Penn Museum.

“Even though the IFC always suggested a trip to the Penn Museum, for some reason I assumed it wouldn’t be as fun as going to New York or Atlantic City,” Rice said. 

College junior and Beta Alpha Theta member Jiminy Henderson added that this year was the perfect time for a trip to the museum. “We had tossed around the idea of going for a while, but once they took out the sphinx, which was easily the best part of the museum, we knew it would be a great event for our rushes.” 

He added, “After a trip like this, I know pledging is going to be a blast. Maybe I’ll even get to eat a bullfrog.”