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Selfish Friend Fails to Accommodate Lucy’s Busy Pledging Schedule


Photo from pxhere / CC0

Julia Smith (C '22) hasn’t exactly been accommodating when it comes to her best friend Lucy Martinez’s (C '22) pledging schedule.

An extremely selfish Smith texted her friend this past Monday to ask she wanted to hang out "any night this week after Wednesday.”

Martinez responded two days later with only a few words: “Can't. Pledge stuff. Ughhhhh.”

Smith only offered a very busy Martinez four evenings as options for hanging out.  How could she have been so inflexible? Since when does being unaffiliated with Greek life also mean being inconsiderate?

Smith should have been able to anticipate her best friend’s pledging schedule, which includes important events like themed frat mixers and...other frat mixers. Thankfully, Smith is starting to see how damaging her selfish ways are.

“My best friend Lucy is going through a lot right now with pledge stuff,” Smith said. “I’ll probably skip my seminar tomorrow morning to see her because that’s the only time she can hang out,” she added.

When contacted for a quote, Martinez responded: “This time is honestly like soooooooo busy. I’m actually so busy that I don’t even have time to give you a quote for this article.”