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Stand Down: Katie Brought a Banana Whip to Club Meeting and Has Something to Say


Photo by Pxhere / CC0

Watch out, club member: you're in for a rough Sunday evening. Katie just arrived to exec board meeting with a fresh banana whip from Hip City Veg in tow, and, from the looks of it, she's got some things she needs to say.

That's right, a full 15 minutes after the hour-long meeting began, Katie burst through the door apologizing for her tardiness. She didn't give an excuse, but her banana whip with chocolate chunks and cookie crumbles shows no signs of melting, so you can guess she made a pit stop or two on her way over. 

In order to compensate for causing a scene, she got right down to business. She loudly unpacked her spoon and napkins from their paper bag while being briefed on what she missed. Then, she interrupted the club president mid-sentence to offer her views on the upcoming fundraising event, even though she missed the discussion about it that happened five minutes ago. Insightful point, Katie! 

And now, swaddled comfortably in Lululemon leggings and a sorority crewneck, Katie's got more on her mind. Between cold, sweet mouthfuls of pureed banana, she is offering more valuable commentary, such as, "I think we should have more social events!" Brilliant. Why didn't we think of that?

So stand down, club member, because Katie's banana whip may be cold, but her opinions are coming in hot.