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UA Launches Fet Club, Offering 30 Days Of Kink Play For Seniors


Photo Torsten Maue / CC-ASA-2.0

The Undergraduate Assembly announced their new Fet Club initiative, which will replace the traditional Feb Club event series with a different fetish activity for seniors every night of February.

Though details are still being finalized, likely events include a furries happy hour and a night at a BDSM club in Atlantic City.

UA President Marvin Polazzo believes the change will lead to greater enjoyment for next year’s seniors. “Feb Club was fun, but it was getting a bit stale,” he said. “When we talked to our constituents, the overwhelming consensus was that they would rather be tied up in a neoprene gimp suit.”

Polazzo is hoping for a smooth transition between Feb Club and Fet Club. “Some events will need only slight modifications. For instance, we can still do paint and sip, but we’ll just paint feet and sip urine,” Polazzo said. 

Polazzo thinks many students will not even notice the difference. “You already have to be on your computer at exactly the right time to get a ticket fo these events,” he said. “What’s the difference between that and just getting on your knees and begging?”

Students will still be encouraged to make a donation to the Penn Fund before participating. Those who donate $20.20 or more will received a unique Class of 2020 ball gag.