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Quiz: Is It a Fever Dream or a Flashback to the Atlantic City Feb Club Event?


Photo by TastyPoutine / CC 3.0

1. You suddenly hallucinate an indoor night pool full of drunk twenty-somethings and overhear an insincere conversation...

A: between a giant frog and an anthropomorphic marshmallow.
B: between two privileged youths.

2. Your jacket is taken from you by a bouncer, even though you do not have a real shirt on underneath.

A: You grow a new jacket and (score!) it's made of cotton candy.
B: You pretend you have a skin disease, and the bouncer begrudgingly returns your jacket to you (you're the tenth person with a skin disease he's spoken to this evening).

3. Have you thrown up in the faux bushes inside of the casino yet?

A:  No, but you have gotten into an argument with the ghosts in front of you in line. They have Italian accents?
B: Yes, and you will again before the night ends.

4.  The forty-year-old man from South Jersey missing a tooth is pretty cute. Is that because:

A: He can fly and he's made exclusively of Parmesan cheese.
B: You're drunk and need to go home.


Mostly As: Congrats! It's just a fever dream.
Mostly Bs: Oh no! It's unfortunately a flashback to the Feb Club Atlantic City event.