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Guy Who Listened to Classical Music While Studying Fails Exam with Smile and Peace of Mind


Photo by samer daboul / CC0

With over 32 sections of content to review and only one night to do it, Brent Brewer (C ‘22) knew it was time to get serious.

“It’s go time,” Brewer whispered to himself at 11 p.m. as he opened up his chemistry textbook to a random page and switched on his “Baroque Beatz” playlist on Google Play Music.

The next morning, Brewer woke up with a throbbing headache.

"My brain is swelling from all of the knowledge," Brewer thought to himself with a grin. "The music worked."

Later that day, the classical juggernaut himself entered the exam room with newfound confidence, his bulging grey matter supercharged by the hours of music he had listened to the night prior. Sitting down in a seat was an ordeal in itself; Brewer was practically top-heavy thanks to his enormous brain. 

“This one’s for you, Chopin,” Brewer said as he immediately wrote down the crafting recipe for a gold ingot in Minecraft for the first short answer question.

Brewer reportedly hummed the melody of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro for the duration of the testing period, most likely in an attempt to put his mind at ease. Extremely annoying as this was, eyewitnesses were nonetheless astounded to see him finish his exam in under ten minutes and see him walk to the front with a million-dollar smile.

“That's the power of Bach, baby,” Brewer muttered to his professor, staring him dead in the eyes. “Utter concentration, utter focus.”

Unfortunately, Brewer made out with a 23 percent, both a failing grade and the worst in the class.

But amazingly enough, he isn't all that upset about it. In fact, he is determined to ace the upcoming final with a new and improved study method of his own.

“You know what? Forget classical music,” Brewer said as he queued up Lofi hip hop beats to study/chill to on his laptop and gave his knuckles a hearty crack. “I’m about to make this final yesterday’s trash.”