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Johnny Forgets Lucky Pen and All Knowledge at Home

Photo by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Oh, rats! When Johnny Macavity (C ’19) ran out the door for the big Econ exam this morning, he accidentally left both his lucky pen and everything he knew about the subject sitting on his kitchen counter. 

“How am I going to do well on the test now?” Macavity asked himself. “That’s the pen I used to ace the SATs!”

The student admitted that he felt disappointed because all the knowledge could have easily fit inside his pencil case since it wasn't really  that substantial in the first place anyway. 

Reports indicate that upon arriving to the exam without the lucky pen, Macavity decided to finger paint his responses. Unfortunately since he also didn't have everything he knew about Econ, he decided to paint a pretty picture of a sunrise. 

Luckily, with the curve, experts suggest his exam should still round to at least a B-.