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Hey I Left My Juul in Ac Have You Seen It?


Photo by Mylesclark96 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Hey man, how have you been?... Yea this was definitely a really busy midterm week for me too. But uh, hey, remember when we went to AC for Feb club? Yea that was so much fun right. I got so wasted haha. I’m pretty sure we were together at that one club — you know, the one with the really high ceilings. Yea that was such a good time.

I actually left my Juul somewhere in AC though, so I was wondering if you remember seeing it or have any idea where it might be? I know AC is a big place, but my plan is to ask every single senior who was there cause I mean someone has to have seen it right.

So you haven’t seen it, gotcha. That’s totally fine. I mean, what are the odds anyway right. Well totally unrelated to the previous conversation, but I’m actually planning a little second trip down to AC if you’re interested. Would just be a few close friends having a good time, drinking beer, doing some gambling, and searching every last inch of Atlantic City trying to find my dark, finger-sized Juul. 

You won’t come? Wow you’re such a dick. I’m not the one with the problem — you are.