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Self-Care Win! Guy Takes Break from Math Homework and Does Physics Homework Instead


Photo by An eye for my mind / CC BY-SA 2.0

Mack Setser (E ‘22), otherwise known as the only guy to actually watch the TAP modules, took a well-deserved reprieve from his math homework last Sunday and began his physics homework instead.

Setser, who had been cooped up in his room all weekend churning out page after page of mathematical proofs, was in desperate need of a study break.

“The amount of math I was doing was soul-crushing,” Setser announced, black bags pulsating underneath his eyes. “I’m glad I took the rest of my day off to do some fun and lighthearted theoretical physics.”

According to Setser, circuit analyses and Gauss’ Law calculations really ease the monotony of linear algebra.

“It’s one of my most cherished escapes,” Setser elaborated, taking a sip of Red Bull. “Basically, it’s my natural high.”

After catching wind of Setser’s story, Penn Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé had nothing but praise for the fledgling student.

“Now this is a guy who has really taken Penn’s mental awareness programs to heart,” said Dubé. “Mack Setser, I want you to be the new face of mental wellness at Penn.”

Unfortunately, Setser was not as receptive to the offer as Dubé had hoped.

“I’m trying to chill out and this guy keeps on emailing me,” Setser revealed to UTB. “Can’t a guy just kick back every once in a while and write up some physics post labs without interruption?”

Despite all of this, Setser is set on following his pristine program of healthy living far into his academic career.

“Penn’s rigorous STEM courses have done wonders for my mental health and have not at all contributed to my own deterioration and decline into psychosis,” Setser noted, phasing in and out of consciousness. “Next year is going to be so relaxing too! Organic chemistry, here I come!”