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OP-ED: On St. Patrick's Day, Students from All Walks of Life Turned up to Support the Green New Deal


Photo by Becker1999 / CC2.0

Students at Penn have always been politically involved. From protesting the Vietnam War, to fighting to be truly fossil free, to simply studying in the new political science building, there has always a keen sense of awareness in the actions of Penn students. And this past Saturday, March 16th, was no exception. As I looked across campus, I couldn't miss the mass movement of students turning up in all shades of green, making their total commitment to a progressive Green New Deal heard loud and clear. 

Both on and off campus, powerful imagery was abound. Students made visible the necessity of re-usability by donning necklaces featuring small, bright green cups meant for constant refill. And in every backyard, one couldn’t mistake hearing the Dropkick Murphy’s iconic song ‘Shipping Up to Boston.’ With lyrics originally written by American folk-singer and communist Woody Guthrie, this anthem of the working class resounded in the hearts and minds of young people all over.

As the Green New Deal works its way through Congress and a fractious democratic party, I am confident in the unquestionable outpouring of support and activism students showed on this monumental day. Because with such frequent usage of the term ‘black out,’ students on campus surely know what is at stake if we as a country continue to be irresponsible with our energy future.