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OP-ED: Stop Asking Token Male Candidates to Run for Office


Photo by Erik Drost / CC BY 2.0

We’ve all seen the excited news headlines – “Some Male Candidate is Running for President! A Win for Men Everywhere!” 

God. It’s everywhere and it’s exhausting. 

Why are we encouraging these men to run for a position that they will never be able to do successfully? 

As a society, we love the concept of diversity so much that we are willing to tell men to try for a job they’ll never be able to do. We’ve seen in the past men are too emotional for public office – they are far more prone to anger than women, flying off the handle at the slightest provocation. 

They don’t even have control over their bodies. What happens if they get an erection while in office? What will the international community think of our country if the leader of our country can’t control himself? 

These token male candidates are harmful for the greater male community as a whole. They teach men that they can’t be satisfied with where they are in life. There is no shame in being a house-husband, and we need to teach men that wanting to do housework and care for their hard-working wives is fine.  

Another thing – even their appearances are distracting. We can’t trust our female politicians to control themselves around their exposed forearms. When we see candidates like Beto O'Rourke with his shapely posterior in too-tight clothes, we see a distraction and potential weakness for other countries to exploit. Also, there is an innate beauty in our men; we shouldn’t detract from that by telling them to cover up, or mask their figures to conform to some ideal of “perfect masculinity.”

This country isn’t ready for a man as president. I’m not saying this out of any type of anger or hatred towards men. I love men! I just believe that they have unique strengths. They belong in industries that can truly appreciate their unique qualities, and which won’t stress their delicate constitutions. 

I don’t believe that a man could never be a good president. Mr. Rogers was a man! But right now, the country isn’t ready, and when we tell these men that it is, we are perpetuating a lie, and it needs to stop.