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OP-ED: Strega Nona Is Really That Bitch


Photo (with edits by Lauren Sorantino) by Regan76 / CC BY 2.0

Wow! It turns out Strega Nona really is that bitch.

When you examine the book closely, you can know this from the start.

Even at the beginning of the book, Strega Nona heals the townspeople. She cures headaches and even helps single women find husbands — damn, that's cool!

Then, Big Anthony enters and Strega Nona seems like she might not be that bitch.

Big Anthony comes right on in and uses her pasta pot. When the whole town is nearly filled with pasta as a consequence, Strega Nona swoops in and is like "nah, Big Anthony."

She simply blows three kisses and the pot stops boiling. Oh my, Strega Nona really IS that bitch!

I'm...simply in awe of her. That's all.