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OP-ED: It Is Aries Szn and I Totally Understand What That Means, Haha

Photo (with edits) by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Omg, Aries szn! I love Aries szn, because I am an Aries, and I definitely get what that’s all about. 

I have NEVER googled “what is my astrology sign” or “what even is astrology” or “what is an Aries,” because this stuff all comes really naturally to me, you know? 

I am a fire sign! Cosmo told me that the other day. Ah…fire sign. That probably means I like the color orange, lol. That’s so funny cuz I wore an orange shirt yesterday…Cosmo just gets me. 

Jupiter’s in retrograde, which is supposed to bring out my spontaneous side, which is NOT something I researched for this particular article. This def explains why I bought two pairs of shoes last week. Silly Jupiter! You made me soooo spontaneous hahahxoxoxox.

Anyways happy Aries szn! Pls don’t ask me any questions about it though. Not cuz I’m not an expert (I am). I am just so tired of imparting my wisdom about how Libra is in polarity with the sun-signs of the Uranian planets (which, again, are not terms I googled in preparation for writing this article).