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Yikes: Britain Just Used Their Last Extension, Next Time They Lose a Letter Grade

Photo by Policy Exchange - CC BY 2.0

Oof, that’s gonna hurt. It’s only the beginning of April, and Britain has already used all of their extensions for the semester. The next time they fail to meet a deadline, their grade will go down by a full letter grade per late day. Considering the lengthy period that Britain had to complete the project, a full 1,009 days since it was assigned, it’s hard to be optimistic about their future timeliness. With heavy midterm weeks, Fling, and at least one mental breakdown in their future, Britain is looking at some tough deadlines before the semester is over.

We spoke with several Penn professors to get their thoughts on the matter. Professor Jeffrey Flannigan, who teaches Computer Science, said, “I think it’s pretty irresponsible of them to use their last extension on this assignment. From what I understand, they were given plenty of time to complete it before the deadline. The way Britain is acting reminds me of why I hate teaching undergrads."

Writing Seminar professor Matilda Gregory expressed similar sentiments. “In my 45 years of being a professor, I’ve seen many students use up all their extensions too early. I never thought that Britain would be one of them. You know, not all assignments have such lax deadline policies. As the country begins working on even higher-profile deals they will have less and less wiggle room to work with," she told us. "So, I anticipate that it’ll really fuck them up in the long term.”

So, where did it all go wrong? We reached out to representatives from Britain to hear their take. In response to our inquiry, Prime Minister Theresa May did not shy away from blaming the other group members. “I presented the group with so many different ideas, and they rejected all of them. Then, I suggested that we submit the project only partially finished, but they rejected that, too,” May lamented.

Other Brits seemed to agree on very little other than the fact that they blamed Theresa May. A member of the Labour party who preferred to remain anonymous said, “It’s all Theresa May’s fault. More like Theresa May NOT, am I right?” A representative of the Conservative party agreed with her colleague from Labour: “I agree with my colleague from the Labour Party,” she offered.