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OP-ED: I Don't Support Big Pharma, I Only Support Small, Local Family Pharmas


Photo by Skitterphoto / CC0

It's no secret. Prescription drug use runs rampant in many colleges, including in my own school, the University of Pennsylvania. I myself have many friends who have fallen victim to horrible addiction and by no fault of their own. No, it is the large, slimy, money-grubbing corporations that are to blame. They are the ones to profit from the addictive nature of the human body, and these corporate pigs care nothing for the individuals that are affected.

That's why I have made it a point to support small, family-run pharmas, especially those local to West Philadelphia. They care about their users, not about profits. 

Philadelphia is plagued by a horrible opioid epidemic. Who is at fault? Not these local businesses. They aren't the ones with the funds to give gifts to doctors in order to get them to peddle their pain killers. They aren't the ones lobbying congress so that they can increase their margins. They are just trying to make an honest living in this corporate world.

So please, I beg you, support your local, family pharmas and show Big Pharma that they can't use people as a means to fill their pockets with their dirty, greasy dollar bills.