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Eugenics Group Disappointed to Learn EAS 203 Is Not 'Engineering Ethnics'


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Members of the Philadelphia chapter of the Eugenicist Values Interest League (EVIL) were spotted in the Towne Building attending a lecture of EAS 203, a mandatory course for all engineering students. Their initial enthusiasm, however, was quickly dampened by the actual contents of the lecture.

"This is basically the exact opposite of what I signed up for," said Wayne Watson, a retired software engineer who hails from Ardmore, PA and serves as the vice president of EVIL."I thought this would be an exciting, hands-on course in bioengineering. Instead, we just talked about frameworks for ethical decision-making. Why would I want to learn about that?"

It appears that members of EVIL mistook the course title of EAS 203, which is "Engineering Ethics," as "Engineering Ethnics."

"And when they finally mentioned eugenics," Watson fumed, "everyone immediately agreed it wasn’t ethically permissible. I’m indignant and upset that we were misled to be in an environment so inimical to our beliefs!"