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College Requirements! Learn a Language at a 3rd Grade Level for Only $40,000


Photo by Quinn Dombrowski / CC BY-SA 2.0

A full-time course load at Penn is three credits per semester but, to be fair, pretty much everyone takes at least four. Tuition and fees at Penn are around 80,000 dollars. In the College, most students are required to take four semesters of a language

That’s 320,000 dollars worth of education, where four classes per semester times two semesters per year times four years equals 32 credits total on average. If four of those classes are language classes, then an eighth of 320,000 dollars over four equals Forty Hecking Thousand Buckaroos for a third-grade reading level.

Congratulations! You now possess the ability to make all of your native-speaking friends either sympathetic or uncomfortable. If you continue to practice down the road, you might eventually gain the ability to over-confidently order food at foreign cuisine establishments! If you, like many, stop practicing your language of choice, you may eventually have the ability to admit that you spent way too much money on your half-baked education.